Trip Cancellation Insurance

Travel insurance with trip cancellation protection

Nobody knows what could happen when planning a trip to a Foreign Country... even before you depart!

You can recover your travel expenses in case you have to cancel your trip before departure, or interrupt it after your departure, for any covered reason under our protection plans.

These plans protect you from a wide variety of trip cancellation reasons and also offer, without extra cost, significant additional coverage like Travel Medical Expenses, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and more.
The option with cancellation coverage provides protection from purchase date through departure date if you need to cancel your trip before departure and also provides all the other benefits from departure date through the end of your trip date. You can also consider purchasing the standard version (Post Departure) which has a lower cost and provides all the same benefits including Medical Expenses after the departure date. The only benefit not included is cancellation before departure date.


  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption up to 100% of trip cost.
  • Delay / Missed Connection up to US$ 1,000.
  • Baggage Lost/Delay up to US$ 2,500.
  • Medical expenses up to US$ 100,000.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation / Repatriation up to US$ 100,000.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment up to US$ 25,000.
  • Local Ambulance Expenses.
  • Dental Emergency.
  • Return of Remains.
  • and more!

TripProtection plans

TripProtection plans are travel insurance only available and specially designed for residents in the United States for travel with the United States for travel around the world and/or within the United States. These plans may be purchased for up to a maximum of 180 days of travel and the options of medical coverage are available in maximum limits of US$ 100,000 and US$ 500,000, all with unlimited occurrences.

The rate is fixed during the first 30 days of travel which is ideal for tourists and short-term business travelers. These plans are perfect if you wish to have the peace of mind of a complete coverage for any need that you could have during your trip including the cancellation before your trip.

TripProtection plans are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, New Jersey, USA (Rated A by AM Best).

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